Belgian Waffles


A Distinctly European Alternative

At SO GOOD Belgian Waffles USA, we take pride in being the first to introduce California to the original Belgian Sugar Waffle. Prepared in Belgium from all natural ingredients, our frozen dough patties are baked fresh on site, and never fried. This completely new product to Californians represents a distinct alternative to batter-based waffles known to Americans as a breakfast item.  Our product is an all-day snack enjoyed by kids and adults throughout Europe. The Liège Sugar Waffle was created in Belgium during the 15th century, and today has become a part of the active European lifestyle. 

A Wonderfully Convenient Option

SO GOOD Belgian Waffles USA initially offered our products only at various farmer’s markets in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, and other niche retailers. But experience tells us that any high foot traffic area, such as schools, airports, boardwalks and main streets, are very likely to be successful retail locations. Space requirements are minimal,  we support retailers with information about the equipment, cart or food truck, and expert manpower. Our frozen dough patties are imported pre-packaged in easy to use trays,from Belgium for your convenience, so no extensive preparation is required.

The dough comes in boxes of 130 patties arranged in 5 trays ready to process.Each box measures 12” X 20” X 8.5” high and weighs approximately 36Lbs. One palette contains 48 boxes (LBS 1800)and is the recommended minimum order to keep shipping cost effective.(half palettes could be ordered but the shipping cost will be the same.The dough has to be stored at 0 degrees Fht.(Shelve life is minimum of 6 months .) 

Enhance Your Menu

Please contact SO GOOD Belgian Waffles USA with any inquiries or further questions you might have. We hope our website helps you learn more about us. Thank you for visiting us.